About Us

The project focuses on collecting, preserving and communicating the heritage & history of the ‘first generation’ Panjabis, primarily Sikh immigrants from the Panjab (India) who settled in Southall in the 1950s, 1960s.

It will catalogue, record and showcase the experiences, struggles, and ground breaking contributions and work of these early Panjabi immigrants, who inspired generation of immigrant communities across the UK including the.

It will record their pioneering social, cultural, faith & political contributions which established Southall as an iconic community locally nationally and at international level.

Our project will catalogue the experiences struggles and ground-breaking contributions of these early pioneering Panjabi immigrants who inspired generations of immigrant communities across the UK including the:

  • experiences of the first wave of Panjabi immigrants settling in Southall in the 1950s and 1960s
  • establishment of the first Sikh Temple in 1950s, the Indian Workers’ Association & other pioneering institutions
  • election of first Panjabi Sikh councillor in 1968 and MP in Ealing in 1994
  • struggles for basic rights and justice within factories
  • campaigns against discrimination e.g. on the right of Sikhs to wear turbans in employment & when riding motor cycles, against the ‘bussing’ for black school children, against ‘virginity tests’ on Asian women etc
  • maintenance & promotion of Panjabi language, culture, sports etc